CCIC did not wait for the COVID-19 crisis to reflect on the Metamorphosis of the World. Indeed, our era is undergoing extremely rapid scientific, technological and societal change that is disrupting the projections that 21st century men and women attempt to make about their future.

After an international workshop in 2018 devoted to the power of new technologies, the CCIC with its NGO partners is looking at the consequences of these innovations on people and their values:

How far can Humans change Humanity?

As a corollary to this fundamental question is the essential issue of the education we provide to our youth.

What compass for education?

How to guide their choices so that they become responsible adults and avoid that, caught between reality and the virtual world, they stray into the world of robots?

This is the theme of the next Forum organized by CCIC at UNESCO. While « sheltering » we have deepened our reflection by integrating the global consequences of this serious health, economic and social crisis: an ambitious agenda!

In this context of complexity and uncertainty, we cannot contend that we can draw conclusions, but only one obvious fact, namely that « Everything is connected »: the world as a whole, the human being in its essence – body, mind and soul – and nature – geological, living and biological. This will be at the heart of our reflection.

Remember now to save the date on November 26, 2020.

Further information will be given on the logistics of this Forum which will allow us to better reflect on the « Metamorphosis of the World »!