Problématique n°1

Un grand pourcentage des bénéficiaires (en particulier, les parents des enfants handicapés) sont des travailleurs journaliers. Avec les restrictions du confinement, ces personnes se sont retrouvées sans revenus, et ainsi sans accès aux ressources alimentaires.
Beaucoup ne possèdent pas de carte de rationnement, ayant été récemment relogés.

Problématique n°2

Faute de transport, les équipes ne pouvaient atteindre les populations locales. Certaines équipes, déjà sur place, ont cependant pu aider.

Mise en place d’une collaboration inter-ONG, afin d’atteindre le plus de familles.

Plus de 3000 familles ont pu être soutenues au sein des bidonvilles de Chennai et d’autres bidonvilles réinstallés1 à Kannainagar, Chemmencherry ou New and Old Perumbakkam.

A Perumbakkam, « la clinique sur roues » de MCDS a été mise à disposition pour les équipes médicales travaillant dans les camps de relogement, organisés par l‘Etat, pour les personnages habitant les bidonvilles.

Problématique n°3

L’éducation à distance (e-learning). Les leçons sont dispensées sur smartphone. Le facilitateur appelle directement les parents, afin d’empêcher que l’enfant ne se connecte sur des sites non recommandés.

Problématique N°4

Les media n’ayant pas d’infos fiables, le virus a peu ou prou de couverture médiatique. En conséquence, la peur augmente et les tensions montent.

1 Le bidonville de Mumbai et plus généralement les bidonvilles d’Inde, ont fait récemment l’objet d’une politique de relocalisation et de ‘resettlement’.

Revamping our CBR Youth Centre at Perumbakkam

Since our Special Youth do not come to the Centre during this lock down, we have started revamping our CBR Youth centre, Perumbakkam with complete makeover of Tiles. Some of the snaps with earlier look and modified with tiles.


MCDS ‘Clinic on Wheels’ was made available at Perumbakkam for the medical camps organized there by the State Government for the slum relocated people.


One of our collaborators has started E-Learning classes for our study centre students of Srinivasapuram, Thiruvanmiyur and Kannagi Nagar during this lockdown. They help these students with their academic support through remote learning for the classes VI to IX in basic Mathematics, Science and English. Lesson plans are provided to the Children through smart phone. The facilitator calls the parents at the fixed time when the child and the parents are available to run the session ensuring that the children don’t log on to unwanted sites. 

Since the media does not have newsworthy materials, CORONA is being given undue coverage. I am afraid that unnecessary fear psychosis is unfortunately created in people building up unwanted tension. For sure, we should take all necessary precautions and safety measures and have the faith that nothing will happen to us outside the plan of God.

I fervently wish and pray that the Corona Pandemic subsides and all get back to their usual routine by the blessings of the Almighty.

In continuation of the report cited above, let me add the following:

In response to my appeal to the National Council for contribution to support our relief operations, I am pleased to acknowledge that the National Chairman came forward with a benevolent gesture.

With the lock down extended periodically, the precarious condition of these poor people grows from bad to worse. Hence the need for recurrent distribution of dry rations to prevent these poor from starvation.

Since some of our senior staffs were from outstations, they have no means to be of assistance for these distribution activities. Fortunately, the locally available staffs are from the local community and hence they are able to identify people in acute need and thus we are able to reach out to them.

As on date, we have supported more than 3000 families and as days go by, we will continue to extend our support effort for the needy.

In the context of the Corona Virus and the Lockdown problems that affect all sections of society, some special attention was given to the Transgender group in two cities, namely, Chennai and Hyderabad.


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